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The Chess Advantage in Black and White: Opening

The Chess Advantage in Black and White: Opening Moves of the Grandmasters by Larry Kaufman

The Chess Advantage in Black and White: Opening Moves of the Grandmasters

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The Chess Advantage in Black and White: Opening Moves of the Grandmasters Larry Kaufman ebook
Publisher: Random House Puzzles & Games
ISBN: 0812935713, 9780812935714
Format: pdf
Page: 512

But you are not ready for that. You are up in material and have a strong winning advantage below. Many grandmasters play positional chess openings starting with d4,c4 or Nf3. On move 10, Krush suggested a completely novel move that Kasparov called “A great move, an important contribution to chess”, and which all expert analysts agree blew the game wide open, taking it into uncharted chess territory. Perched on various high points around the room was an entire army of black and white chess pieces, each staring down over me. If you have White and like to play d4 from time to time yourself, just to get the feel for it, then I recommend the Colle System - Basic Chess Moves for you. This chess opening system is easy to learn. Rather than 16 Bxb2, the move I, wrongly, thought was the refutation but which loses, totally, to 17.h5 Bxa1 18.hxg6 Bg7 19.gxh7 + Kh8 20.Be5! Win this Chess Position else with the white pieces. Features over 2 hours of high-quality chess content that is guaranteed to provide you with an aggressive opening system for black against 1. Instead, I personally contacted grandmasters on the Internet Chess Club and at the National Open with proposals that packaged revenue-generating bundles such simultaneous exhibitions, meet and great events, and private lessons. Learn the right setup for Black. Not one of our victims at Penarth. ?Crushing White – The Nimzo-Indian Defense? Especially so with the two games that took place in the very first round: Angus French's game against Keith Arkell and mine against Boris Chatalbashev, from Sofia. I won't tediously recount the moves of the game that ensued, however I do remember all of it perfectly. Instead of walking back home and taking advantage of it, I pressed on a little too long on the off chance the Grandmaster would walk in. Hoping to stir up some "counterplay" with h4-h5 immediately or later, but it's not as if my pieces are in any position to take advantage. Black is making natural moves and White is just having to respond. My thoughts turned to Liam and my pleasurable shock when he had first beaten me. Chapter 1 – Detailed Grandmaster Perelshteyn`s presentation is remarkably entertaining, clear, and organized – focusing more on the reasons behind the moves than direct memorization of lines and move orders.

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